One of the biggest wastes of fuel and money is tires that aren’t installed right.

Our mechanics at Sam's Tire are trained on proper tire installation. We install tires on your vehicle's wheels and balance them to within 1/4 oz, to get a smooth, even ride.

Our installation services include:

• Remove the wheels

• Remove the old tires from the wheels

• Check the wheels

• Mount and seal the new tires

• Inflate and balance each tire

• Lifetime balancing

Our service staff will conduct a thorough investigation of your driving needs to help guarantee the best possible set of tires for your vehicle.

Benefits of Sams's Tire

• Certified Technicians

• Proper Balancing and Installation

• Factory Quality Service

• Honest and Professional Repair

• Warranty

You will benefit from a new tire installation with a smoother, safer ride and less wear and tear on your new tires.

Installing a tire is a precise art. It begins with removing the old one and installing the new one on the wheel. Mounting a tire should be performed by skilled specialists using the proper resources.

Stop wasting money on gasoline because of improperly installed tires, which also leads to tire and vehicle damage. Get an appropriate tire setup from the skilled technicians at Sam's Tire.

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