Sam's Tire is a leader in offering name brand tires and wheels, plus auto repair and brake services for clients.

We use a well-trained staff specializing in the selling and installation of tires for cars and light trucks or SUVs. Custom wheels are available. Unique wheels and rims can complement your vehicle.

We offer these services:

* Tire Installation

* Tire Repair

* Mobile Tire Repair Services

* Tire Rotation

* Wheel Alignment

* Wheel Balancing

* Auto Repair Services

During any tire repair service, our staff will be able to determine whether a tire balancing or rotation service can solve your current set of issues. Because proper tire inflation is so important, our staff will take care to follow the inflation standards recommended by the manufacturer during new tire installation.

For a business, we offer a wide range of tire maintenance plans for your fleet of vehicles. No matter how big or small, we get the job done in a timely manner.

Our trained technicians will service your vehicle with great care. Our mounting and balancing machines are manufactured by a world leader in tire service machines, which will save us time in the installation process.

We understand that there is never a good time to have work done on your vehicle. At Sam's Tire, we go out of our way so that your experience exceeds your expectations.

Our tire service advisors and technicians work to get your vehicle ready as quickly as possible. And since we are mobile, getting to you is just a phone call away. We are open six days a week and can accommodate even the busiest of schedules. We are affordable, honest and reliable.

Our personnel can help you comprehend the basic principles of tire care and upkeep, like when you need to seek tire rotation, balancing and aligning. Our personnel will even assist you to comprehend tire sidewall markings, educate you about the most effective moment to get a fresh pair of tires, and explain the best way to select the best set of wheels on your car or truck.

Generally, proper tire inflation may lead to decreased tread wear, better traction – even on wet road surfaces, reduced rolling resistance, and sufficient loadcarrying capacities. Our tire service work encourages better fuel economy and longer tread life.

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