What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment occasionally called breaking or tracking, is an adjustment of the suspension system that connects the wheels to the vehicle. This standard auto maintenance service includes correcting the angles of the wheels so that they’re reset to the manufacturer’s specs.

Potholes and rough roads not only make for a terrible trip; they may also change the position of your wheels. Misaligned wheels may give rise to a number of issues, including irregular tire wear, or a sense that the car is pulling to one side as you drive.

At Sam's Tire, we offer an extensive variety of alignment services done by accredited technicians. With each wheel alignment package, we will perform:

• A complete inspection of steering and suspension systems

• Tire condition and air pressure checking

• Adjustment of your camber, caster, and toe angles to the manufacturer’s specifications

• Adjustment of wheel angles so they're perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other

• Roadtesting of your vehicle to ensure your alignment is symmetrical

• Providing a copy of your alignment readings

In addition to aligning your vehicle to the manufacturer’s requirements, our alignment specialists will also balance your tires by proper placement of weights around all tires and rim assemblies.

Wheel Alignment Benefits include:

* Save money on gas

* Save money on tires

* Enjoy a safer, smoother ride

* Preserve your steering and suspension systems

Misaligned wheels may reduce the life span of your tires by creating rapid and irregular tread wear. Correctly aligned wheels boost vehicle safety, enhance your vehicle's handling, boost fuel efficiency, and optimize the life span of your tires.

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