Does your steering wheel vibrate when traveling at highway speeds?

Wheel balancing is the solution.

What is wheel or tire balancing?

A tire is out of balance when one segment of the tire is heavier in relation to the others. Wheel stability redistributes weight around the tire to prolong life of your tires, raise functionality, and improve your car's safety.

To balance a wheel, Sam's Tire specialist may put it on a balancing device that spins the tire and wheel to find the heavier component, which is then going to be compensated for by hanging a weight added to the other side.

We offer the best in class wheel alignment as well as wheel balancing services for all makes and models of cars. We cater to both residential and commercial customers.

Our Service includes:

• Mounting each wheel on a state of the art dynamic computer-controlled spin balancing machine

• Checking and setting tire pressure to your vehicle’s specification

• Establishing an optimal balance of the tire/wheel assembly by correcting any type of imbalance

• Performing a Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

When Do I Need My Wheels Balanced?

• When you are replacing your tires

• If your steering wheel or vehicle is vibrating

• When you are rotating your tires

• If your tires are particularly noisy

Our expert technicians can ensure that the weight of your wheels is distributed evenly to provide you with a smooth ride and reduce the chances of premature wear on your tires.

Keeping your vehicle’s wheels balanced and aligned as per the manufacturer’s specifications not only makes your drive smoother and safer but also saves on repair and fuel costs every year.

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